Contractual Terms & Conditions

Contractual Terms & Conditions


This Agreement is entered into between JANSEVAMISSIONS UNIT. a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its office in Noida / Delhi, hereinafter referred to as the Company on the one part and any User / Associate who / which buys the Product and Services Package of the company, as specified herein below, hereinafter referred to as the "Associate" on the other part.

The Associate represents and warrants that the marketing programme and the compensation plan, its limitations and conditions have been understood clearly by him / her and, the Associate is not relying upon any representation or promise that is not contained in this Agreement or other official company material. An Associate shall be a person who submits a properly filled in online application on the requisite format (as obtained by clicking "Buy Now" button on our website www.ebizel.com) and such application is electronically submitted and Purchased Product (ONLINE) is instantaneously delivered by accepting ONLINE LEGALS (Terms and Conditions) and FAQ'S (given on our website).

An Associate for promotion of our Business / Mission shall act and be as an independent contractor and shall not have any authority to bind the company for any obligations whatsoever. An Associate is not an Employee or any other Legal representative of the company or its service provider. The relationship between the company and an Associate is governed by the Terms and Conditions as laid down in this agreement will come into being only when this Agreement is agreed and accepted online by any Purchasing Associate and this Agreement shall remain enforceable during its existence which is one year only unless it is renewed further for the same period by sending signed Declaration on the Invoice Form.

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